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Well it's been 13 years since I've done anything to this site but it's still here, and I guess people are still visiting and using it. Since 1999 we've had Will Birch's excellent pub rock book, the emergence of many more rarities on Ebay and Nick himself putting out a few excellent new discs and re-releasing a chunk of his back catalogue. It might be an effort to bring the site up to date but I'll consider it in time. Keep enjoying what's here, I'm surprised at how much of it is still accurate today.
1997-99 Shane Johns
Part 1 - Stiff
Part 2 - Rockpile
Part 3 - Noise To Go/Cowboy Outfit
Part 4 - Lowe In The Nineties
Appendix A - Compilations
Appendix B - Bootlegs
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There are four main parts to this discography covering the four distinct phases in Nick's post Brinsley Schwarz career.   Part 1 lists his recordings for the Stiff Label from 1976 to early 1978 (and a few recordings that weren't released on Stiff but are on the Wilderness Years compilation).  Part 2 covers his renowned exploits with Dave Edmunds and cahorts in Rockpile, which coincided with his move to manager Jake Riviera's Radar Label (Columbia in the States).  Part 3 spans the end of Rockpile to his final Columbia records release "Pinker & Prouder".  Backing is primarily from Noise To Go/Cowboy Outfit featuring Paul Carrack.  Part 4 covers the Party Of One album through to the present and basically shows a return to no fuss recording with the help of a few old and semi-famous friends.   Releases are listed chronologically, except for Bootlegs which are listed alphabetically.  Compilations that cover more than one era are listed in the Compilations section.  The commentary for the Stiff releases is Bert Muirhead's with additional comments added by myself.

All tracks are written and produced by Nick Lowe except where otherwise stated. Album tracks on singles produced as per the album. Information on each release includes the title and/or track listing, other artists (if applicable), the format, the label and catalogue number, the release date, a brief history of the record, its chart placings (where applicable) and the matrix messages which can be read in the record's run-off grooves (selected releases only, mainly Stiff singles). With various artist albums, only details for the Nick Lowe or related tracks are listed.  All singles have picture sleeves unless otherwise stated (note that most early Australian Radar singles did not have picture sleeves.)
Additional songwriting credits:
Born A Woman - Martha Sharp; Halfway To Paradise - Goffin/ King; I Love My Label - Lowe/ Riviera; Breaking Glass - Lowe/ Bodner/ Goulding; Little Hitler - Lowe/ Edmunds; Cruel To Be Kind - Lowe/ Gomm... to be completed.

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This site is provided as a service to Nick Lowe fans worldwide.  While I don't mind you using graphics and information for your own purposes, please don't plagiarise my work wholesale.  It took me weeks of effort to come up with what you are looking at today.

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