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Original Sleeve

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Party Of One
1 You Got The Look I Like
(I Want To Build A) Jumbo Ark
Gai-Gin Man
Who Was That Man?
What's Shakin' On The Hill

2 Shting-Shtang
All Men Are Liars
Rocky Road
Refrigerator White
I Don't Know Why You Keep Me On
Honey Gun
You Stabbed Me In The Front*
Rocket Coast*

LP: Reprise WX337 (UK/Germany) 4/1990
LP: Reprise 26132 (US) 1990
LP: Reprise/WEA 759926132-1 (Aus) 7/1990
CD: Reprise WX337 (UK) 1990
CD: Reprise WPCP3432 (US) 1990
CD: Demon FIENDCD767 (UK) 1995
CD: Upstart 029 (US) 1995

Produced by Dave Edmunds.  The 1995 Reissue has different cover art and the two bonus tracks marked *
Reached Aust #88.

wanted.JPG (5730 bytes) A All Men Are Liars
Gai-Gin Man

B I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass*
Cruel To Be Kind*

7": Reprise W9821 (UK) 4/1990
7": Reprise/WEA 543919821-7 (Aus) 1990
12": Reprise W9821T (UK) 4/1990
12": Reprise/WEA 759921548-0 (Aus) 1990
CDS: Reprise W9821CD (UK/Germany) 4/1990

* on 12"/CDS only. Reached Aust #76.

wanted.JPG (5730 bytes) You Got The Look I Like
CDS: Reprise PROCD-3975 (US promo) 1990

wanted.JPG (5730 bytes) All Men Are Liars
CDS: Reprise PROCD-4057 (US promo) 1990

wanted.JPG (5730 bytes) A What's Shakin' On The Hill
B Cruel To Be Kind
7": Reprise W9709 (UK) 8/1990
12": Reprise W9709T (UK) 8/1990

wanted.JPG (5730 bytes) S/titled - Little Village
Solar Sex Panel
The Action
Inside Job
Big Love
Take Another Look
Do You Want My Job
Don't Go Away Mad
Fool Who Knows
She Runs Hot
Don't Think About Her When You're Trying To Drive
Don't Bug Me When I'm Working

LP: Reprise/WEA (Europe) 2/1992
CD: Reprise/WEA 759926713-2 (France WE833) 2/1992
CD: Reprise (US) 18/2/1992

Reached UK #23, US #66, Aust #56.

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(l-r) Jim Keltner - drums, perc, guitar compost(!); Ry Cooder - gtr, vox; Nick Lowe - bs, vox; John Hiatt - gtr, vox

wanted.JPG (5730 bytes) Solar Sex Panel - all tracks by Little Village
Do With Me What You Want To Do
Haunted House*

7"/12"*: Reprise/WEA (Europe) 3/1992
CDS: Reprise/WEA W0088CD 9362-40391-2 (France WE739) 3/1992*

Track 2 is a Nick Lowe vocal

wanted.JPG (5730 bytes) Don't Go Away Mad - all tracks by Little Village
Big Love
Do With Me What You Want To Do*

7"/12"*: Reprise/WEA (Europe) 5/1992
CDS: Reprise/WEA W0106CD 9362-40570-2 (France WE739) 5/1992*

f754.gif (24704 bytes) Adios Amigo (a tribute to Arthur Alexander) - various artists
In The Middle Of It All
CD: Demon FIENDCD754 (UK) 1994
CD: Razor & Tie 845230 (US) 19/7/1994

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msi757.jpg (19728 bytes)

The Impossible Bird
Soulful Wind
The Beast In Me
True Love Travels On A Gravel Road
Trail Of Tears
Shelley My Love
Where's My Everything?
12-Step Program (To Quit You Babe)
Lover Don't Go
Drive-Thru Man
Withered On The Vine
I Live On A Battlefield
14 Days
I'll Be There

CD: Demon FIENDCD757 (UK) 11/1994
CD: Upstart 013 (US) 29/11/1994
CD: MSI FCD757 (Japan) 199? [diff cover]

wanted.JPG (5730 bytes) True Love Travels On A Gravel Road
In The Middle Of It All
12 Step Program (To Quit You Babe)
What's So Funny 'bout Peace, Love & Understanding

CDS: Demon NICKA315 (UK) 11/1994
CDS: MSI NICKA315 (Japan) 199?

otb.jpg (7331 bytes) Live! On The Battlefield EP
I Live On The Battlefield
36 Inches High (live Tokyo)
Without Love (live Chicago)
Dream Girl (live Houston)
In The Middle Of It All

CDS: Upstart 021 (US) 5/7/1995

wanted.JPG (5730 bytes) Live In Europe EP
Without Love
Lover Don't Go
Dream Girl
I'm Coming Home
True Love travels On A Gravel Road (video track)
CDS: MSI NICK2960 (Japan) 1996 [tour program with enhanced cd]
wanted.JPG (5730 bytes) The Upstart Promo Sampler - various artists
I Live On A Battlefield - Nick Lowe & The Impossible Birds
CD: Upstart UPP1002 (US) 1995

wanted.JPG (5730 bytes) Rig Rock DeLuxe - various artists
I'm Coming Home (live Stockholm) - Nick Lowe & The Impossible Birds

CD: Upstart 25A (US) 1996

wanted.JPG (5730 bytes) Doing It Right - various artists
I Live On A Battlefield; The Beast In Me - Eddie Grundy/Trevor Harrison

CD: Demon ZNIP502 (UK) 1996

wanted.JPG (5730 bytes) All Men Are Liars (Soundtrack)
All Men Are Liars
CD: (Aus) 199?

Digmy.jpg (7255 bytes)
CD Sleeve

scr2.jpg (57246 bytes)Japanese CD

diglpjap.jpg (8643 bytes)
Japanese LP

Dig My Mood
Faithless Lover
Lonesome Reverie
You Inspire Me
What Lack Of Love Has Done
Time I Took A Holiday
Failed Christian
Man That I've Become
High On A Hilltop
Lead Me Not
I Must Be Getting Over You
Cold Grey Light Of Dawn

CD: Demon FIENDCD939 (UK) 1998
CD: Upstart 038 (US) 24/3/1998
CD: Beat Records SCR-2 (Japan) 1998 (paper box package)
LP: Beat Records SCLP-2 (Japan) 1998

yim.jpg (5452 bytes) You Inspire Me EP
You Inspire Me
Soulful Wind
She Don't Love Nobody
Cruel To Be Kind
Half A Boy And Half A Man
CD: Demon VEXCD17 (UK) 1998

Bonus Tracks recorded live in Japan 1998.  Band is Watkins, Treherne, Donnelly.

unknownpl.jpg (123246 bytes) Unknown Pleasures - various artists
High On A Hilltop
CD: Demon UNCUT UP3 (UK) 1998

Free CD with Uncut Magazine

freshair.jpg (10053 bytes) On Fresh Air

Promo only CD issued by Upstart records in the US.  Nick Lowe interview?  (details soon)

American Radio Only Discs: Westwood One "Off The Record" (Interview) CD, 1992

More Info required.

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