A Bay City Rollers We Love You - The Tartan Horde
B Rollers Theme - The Tartan Horde
7": UA UP-35891 (UK/Germany) 7/1975
7": Liberty LLR-20114 (Japan) 1975

The first of the post-Brinsleys pre-Stiff (in release, not spirit) obscure singles.  This was "carefully sculpted" with the aim of getting himself fired from UA.  Was a hit in Japan so it didn't quite work.

A Let's Go To The Disco - The Disco Brothers
B Everybody Dance - The Disco Brothers
7": UA UP-36057 (UK) 1/1976

The A side was recorded at Rockfield at the "Keep It Out Of Sight" sessions.  The B side was recorded at the Hope and Anchor Studio (same session as Fool To Long).  A hit nowhere and achieved the aim of being released from UA.

A Rollers Show - The Tartan Horde
B Allorolla - The Tartan Horde
7": UA CM-66 (Japan only) 1977

The followup single that was supposed to pre-empt a Japanese only Tartan Horde album.  The tapes of the rest of the "album" have been lost.

Tartan Horde & Disco Brothers EP
7": UA 5C 016-60123 (Holland only) 1977

Compiles the two UK releases on an EP with picture sleeve.

Keep It Out Of Sight (Dutch 7") A Keep It Out Of Sight
B Truth Drug
7": Dynamite DYR 45007 (Holland, ps) 1976
7": Dynamo DYR 45007 (US Bootleg, no ps) 197?

Recorded at Rockfield with Dave Edmunds and Terry Williams and released only in Holland.  The A side is a Dr Feelgood song written by Wilko Johnson (from the Down By The Jetty album).

So It Goes (UK 7") A So It Goes
B Heart Of The City
7": Stiff BUY1 (UK, no ps) 14/8/76

Produced by Nick Lowe and Jake Riviera.  The first ever Stiff. At least two English music papers made the B-side 'a record of the week'. Recorded as a publisher's demo for 45 pounds all-in. Nick played all the instruments except the drums (Steve Goulding). Another song was recorded in this session but never released. Reissues have complete centres as opposed to the original push-out ones.  Matrix: 'Earthlings Awake' / 'Three Chord Trick, yeh'

A Bunch Of Stiffs LP A Bunch Of Stiff Records - various artists
I Love My Label - Nick Lowe; Food - The Takeaways
LP: Stiff SEEZ2 (UK/Germany) 4/1977
LP: Stiff/Festival L36259 (Aus) 1977
LP: Stiff/EMI SEEZ2 (Aus) 1977 (reissue)

The Takeaways produced by Stan Francisco (?!).  A punk 'cash-in' record, all the acts were old friends of Jake Riviera or Dave Robinson. I Love My Label is a typical Nick Lowe ditty, written while he was still under contract to UA! The Takeaways were Lowe, Dave Edmunds, Larry Wallis and Sean Tyla. Nick produced half the tracks on this album!

Bowi EP Bowi EP
A Born A Woman
Shake That Rat

B Marie Provost
Endless Sleep

7": Stiff LAST1 (UK/Belgium) 5/1977
7": Stiff 6.12198AE (Germany) 1977
7": Stiff SRS510.034 (Holland) 1977
7": Stiff 2C006-99.176 (France) 1977
12": Stiff LAST1 (UK, promo) 1977

The title is a tribute to David Bowie as Bowie called his album Low. It features the same personnel as BUY 1, except for Shake That Rat, which had Pete Thomas on drums, and Marie Provost which added Roger Bechirian on organ and Dave Edmunds on backing vox. It gained some notoriety for the couplet in Marie Provost, 'she was a winner/who became a doggies dinner'.  Some Euro copies on yellow vinyl.  Matrix: 'lively Stereo' / 'Pretty deadly'

Hits Greatest Stiffs LP Hits Greatest Stiffs - various artists
Heart Of The City
LP: Stiff FIST1 (UK/Germany) 28/9/77
LP: Stiff/EMI SEEZ5 (Aus) 1977

Halfway To Paradise (UK 7")
UK Issue

Halfway To Paradise (French 7")
Belgian Sleeve

A Halfway To Paradise
B I Don't Want The Night To End
7": Stiff BUY21 (UK, no ps) 10/1977
7": Stiff BUY21 (Belgium) 10/1977
7": Stiff 6.12194AC (Germany) 1977
7": Stiff MO1818 (Spain) 1977

Nick's poignant farewell to Stiff: 'so near, yet so far away'. At this point nobody is giving a damn for Stiff's chances without Jake, Elvis and Nick. Nick's face appears on the custom label, but the effect is spoiled by the push-out centre. The tracks were rumoured to be from a forthcoming Stiff album, Aerials Over Orkney, which never saw the light of day. Belgian issue was on Yellow, Orange Yellow/Brown Vinyl, sleeve had a pic of leaves strewn on the ground. How very Belgian.  Matrix: 'A man can be a wimp' / 'But a wimp can't be a man'

Light Up The Dynamite LP Light Up The Dynamite - various artists
Truth Drug

LP: Dynamite TAKE DYR 3304 (Holland) 1977
LP: Magnum Force MFLP006 (UK) 1983

Heart Of The City (Dutch 7") A Heart Of The City
B I Don't Want The Night To End
7": Stiff SRS 510.054 (Holland) 1978

This sleeve is pictured on the "Wilderness Years" slick.

Live Stiffs LP
Original Sleeve

Live Stiffs reissue LP
1980 Reissue

Stiffs Live Stiffs - various artists
I Knew The Bride - Nick Lowe; Let's Eat - Nick Lowe; Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll & Chaos - All artists

LP: Stiff GET1 (UK) 2/1978
LP: Stiff/EMI SEEZ7 (Aus) 1978
LP: Stiff/Arista STF0001 (US) 1978
LP: Music For Pleasure MFP50445 (UK) 1980 (as Live Stiffs in a new cover)
LP: Demon DIAB851 (UK) 198?
CD: Mau Mau Records MAUCD621 (UK) 1992

Recorded on the RAK Mobile and mixed by Peter Jenner, Laurie Latham, Larry Wallis, Dale Liberator and Barry Blew.  In 1977 Stiff put together a 60s style package tour to take their five main acts around the country (others were Messrs Costello, Dury, Wallis and (Wreckless Eric) Goulden). The individual sets were all the same length, the running order rotated and the PA shared. Nick's backing was by a pick-up band, The Last Chicken In The Shop, who were Larry Wallis, Terry Williams, Pete Thomas, Dave Edmunds and Penny Tobin.  The album was culled from the Norwich, Leicester and London Lyceum dates. Some of the UK copies were on coloured (Blue?) vinyl.

UK Promo 7" Excerpts From Stiff's Greatest Hits - various artists
7": Stiff FREEB2 (UK, promo, no ps) 1978

Twelve classic snippets from the first 24 Stiffs. I'm not sure what Nick Lowe track is sampled.

Heroes & Cowards LP Heroes and Cowards - various artists
Heart Of The City; Born A Woman; Marie Provost
LP: Stiff SEWL1000 (Italy) 1978

Rock N Roll High School LP Rock 'N' Roll High School - various artists s/track
So It Goes
LP: Sire QSR6070 (US/Canada) 11/1978
LP: Sire SRK6070 (Aus) 1978

Stiff Singles Box 1 Stiff Singles Box 1 - various artists
BUY1: Heart Of The City/So It Goes

10x7": Stiff (UK) 1978

Stiff singles BUY1 through 10 in a pressing of 5000.

The Wilderness Years CD The Wilderness Years
    Fool Too Long
    Let's Go To The Disco
    Everybody Dance
    Bay City Rollers We Love You
    Allorolla Pt 1
    Rollers Show
    Heart Of The City
    Halfway To Paradise
    Truth Drug
    Born A Woman
    Endless Sleep
    Shake That Rat
    I Love My Label
    I Don't Want The Night To End
    So Heavy
    Keep It Out Of Sight
    I Got A Job

LP/CD: Demon FIENDCD203 (UK) 1991

At last! The album that compiles most of the tracks mentioned above, as well as unreleased tracks from the era, with very revealing sleeve notes from Nick himself.

Stiff Boxed Set Stiff Records Boxed Set - various artists
So It Goes; Heart Of The City; Marie Provost; I Love My Label

4xCD: Demon/Rhino STIFFBOX1/R2 71062 (US/UK) 1992

Teenage Kicks CD DIY Teenage Kicks: UK Pop 1 (1976-79) - various artists
So It Goes; Marie Provost
CD/CT: Rhino R2 71173 (US) 12/1992

A Hard Nights Day CD A Hard Nights Day - various artists
Heart Of The City
CD: MCD60047 (UK) 1997

Best Punk Album 2 CD The Best Punk Album In The World... Ever! 2 - various artists
So It Goes

CD: Virgin (UK) 1997

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