Rockpile group shot
(l-r) Terry Williams - drums; Nick Lowe - bs, vox;
Dave Edmunds - gtr, vox; Billy Bremner - gtr, vox;

Note: Dave Edmunds, Mickey Jupp, Carlene Carter etc. solo releases with Rockpile backing are not listed.  Maybe in a later version?  For a detailed Edmunds discography I recommend Peter Burnside's site.

Australian 7"
Australian Issue
A I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass - Nick Lowe
B They Called It Rock - Nick Lowe with Rockpile
7": Radar/WEA ADA1 (UK/Aus) 2/1978
7": Smash TAR-1 (Sweden) 1978
also Germany and Holland

Rhythm section and piano on the a-side is by half of the Rumour. The b-side is 'A Grimy and Blurred Production'.
Reached #7 in the UK charts.

Jesus Of Cool CD
CD Sleeve
Jesus Of Cool (* aka Pure Pop For Now People)
1 Music For Money
I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass
Little Hitler
Shake And Pop

2 So It Goes
No Reason
36" High
Marie Provost
Nutted By Reality
Heart Of The City (live)

LP: Radar/WEA RAD1 (UK/Aus) 3/1978
LP: Columbia JC35329 (US) 1978 *
LP: Columbia PC35329 (Canada) 1978 *
LP: Smash SLEPT1 (Scandinavia) 1978 *
LP: Columbia PC35329 (US) 198? * [budget reissue]
LP: Demon FIEND131 (UK) 10/1988
CD: Demon FIENDCD131 (UK) 10/1988

Uncredited backing is by Rockpile unless previously noted.  Norman Watt-Roy of the Blockheads played bass on some tracks.  The US edition scrambles the track order, replaces Shake And Pop with They Called It Rock (the same track with a different arrangement), substitutes the studio version of Heart Of The City for the live version, and adds Rollers Show (a track from 1975, released as a single under a pseudonym - see upcoming prequel discography.) All tracks except the original version of Heart Of The City appear on the CD. Both Demon reissues have (varyingly) apapted artwork. North American edition has photo of Nick in Riddler's suit on back.  Some UK copies came with a promo postcard.
Reached UK #22, US #127, Aust #77.

Little Hitler 7" A Little Hitler
B Cruel To Be Kind
7": Radar/WEA ADA12 (UK/Aus) 5/1978

The b-side is a different version to the later hit single.  Backing on the a-side is by Pete Thomas and Dave Edmunds.    

scan wanted A So It Goes
B Heart Of The City (live)
7": Columbia 10734 (US, no ps) 7/1978
white label promo copies have the A side on both sides

scan wanted A I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass
B Endless Sleep
7": Columbia 10844 (US, no ps) 9/1978
white label promo copies have the A side on both sides

American Squirm 7" (front)
UK Sleeve Front

American Squirm 7" (rear)
UK Sleeve Rear

Australian 7"
Australian Issue

A American Squirm - Nick Lowe
B (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding - Nick Lowe & His Sound
7": Radar/WEA ADA26 (UK/Aus) 10/1978
7": Radar/WB (Holland)

Produced by 'The Artist'. The credit on the b-side of the Australian issue is simply 'Nick Lowe', ignoring the fact that the original credit is a pseudonym for Elvis Costello & The Attractions. The UK sleeve had a picture of Nick wearing EC's glasses and holding his guitar... a kind of clue to what was actually in the grooves. Musicians on the a-side are Bruce & Pete from the Attractions, Billy Bremner and Costello adding backing vox.

scan wanted Now You See Them Live - various artists
A Radio Radio - Elvis Costello
Cruel To Be Kind - Nick Lowe

B Soul Twist - Mink DeVille
12": Columbia/Capitol AS443 (US, ps) 1978

Promo for 1978 tour. Clear orange vinyl. Counterfeits have no writing on spine.

That Summer LP That Summer - various artists s/track
I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass
LP: Arista SPART1088 (UK/Aus) 5/1979

Cracking Up 7" A Cracking Up
B Basing Street
7": Radar/WEA ADA34 (UK/Aus) 6/1979
also Germany and Sweden

Reached UK #34.

Labour Of Lust LP
Original Sleeve

Labour Of Lust JAPAN
Japanese Issue

Labour Of Lust
1 Cruel To Be Kind
Cracking Up
Big Kick, Plain Scrap!
Born Fighter
You Make Me
Skin Deep

2 Switchboard Susan
Endless Grey Ribbon
Without Love
Dose Of You
Love So Fine

LP: Radar/WEA RAD21 (UK/Aus/NZ) 7/1979
LP: Columbia JC36087 (US) 1979
LP: Radar 56676 (Germany) 1979
LP: Smash SLEPT6 (Scandinavia) 1979
LP: Columbia PC36087 (US) 198? [budget reissue]
LP: Demon FIEND182 (UK) 1990
CD: Columbia (UK/US) 1988
CD: Demon FIENDCD182 (UK/Japan) 1990

Backing is by Rockpile (Billy Bremner, Dave Edmunds, Terry Williams) plus Bob Andrews (oberheim on Endless Grey Ribbon) and Huey Lewis (harmonica on Born Fighter). The US version has American Squirm in place of Born Fighter and replaces Endless Grey Ribbon with the above mentioned track.
Reached UK #43, US #31, Aust #53.

Americathon LP Americathon - various artists s/track
    Without Love
LP: CBS 70172 (UK) 8/1979
LP: Lorimar JS36174 (US) 1979

scan wanted Live At The El Mocambo EP
A I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass
B Shake & Pop
Heart Of The City
7": Columbia 7CDN-1 (Canada, promo) 1979?

Sort of a companion to the Elvis Costello LP of the same name.  Recorded at the same gig with Nick Joining the Attractions onstage for the encore.

Cruel To be Kind 7"
UK Sleeve

Japanese 7"
Japanese Issue

A Cruel To Be Kind
B Endless Grey Ribbon
7": Radar/WEA ADA43 (UK/Aus) 9/1979
7": Columbia 11018 (US, no ps) 7/1979
7": Radar/WB WB-17-440 (Holland, different ps) 1979
7": Radar/Pioneer P-485F (Japan, different ps) 1979
7": Smash TAR-10 (Sweden) 1979
American white label promo copies have the A side on both sides

Reached UK, US & Aust #12.

scan wanted A Switchboard Susan
B Basing Street
7": Columbia 11131 (US, no ps) 12/1979
white label promo copies have the A side on both sides

Sharp New Wave LP Sharp - various artists
American Squirm
LP: WEA 58-080 (Holland) 1979

Wrong Way 7" A Wrong Way - Rockpile
B Now And Always - Rockpile
7": F-Beat/WEA XX9 (UK) 9/1980

Some UK copies issued on yellow vinyl (XX9C).

Seconds Of Pleasure LP
Original Sleeve

Seconds Of Pleasure REISSUE LP
UK LP Reissue

Seconds Of Pleasure REISSUE CD
UK CD Reissue

Seconds Of Pleasure - Rockpile
1 Teacher Teacher
If Sugar Was As Sweet As You
Now And Always
Knife And Fork [aka A Knife And A Fork]
Play That Fast Thing (One More Time)

2 Wrong Way [aka Wrong Again (Let's Face It)]
Pet You And Hold You
Oh What A Thrill
When I Write The Book
Fool Too Long
(You Ain't Nothing But) Fine Fine Fine

LP: F-Beat/WEA XXLP7 (UK/Aus) 10/1980
LP: Columbia JC36886 (US) 1980
LP: F-Beat 58218 (Germany) 1980
LP: Columbia PC36886 (US) 198? [budget reissue]
LP: Demon PILE1 (UK) 1986
LP: Demon FIEND28 (UK) 1989
CD: Line LICD0005 (Germany) 1989
CD: Demon FIENDCD28 (UK) 10/1990
CD: Columbia CK36886 (US) 25/10/90

Produced by Nick Lowe/Dave Edmunds. Initial copies came with bonus "Everly Brothers" EP, later appended to the CD.
Reached UK #34, US #27.

Everly Brothers 7" Nick Lowe & Dave Edmunds sing the Everly Brothers EP
A Take A Message To Mary
Crying In The Rain

B Poor Jenny
When Will I Be Loved

7": F-Beat/WEA BEV1 (UK) 10/1980
7": Columbia AE71219 (US) 1980

Produced by Nick Lowe/Dave Edmunds. Later appended to CD of Seconds Of Pleasure.

Teacher Teacher 7"
UK Sleeve

Teacher Teacher US 7"
US Sleeve

A Teacher Teacher - Rockpile
B Fool Too Long - Rockpile
7": F-Beat/WEA XX11 (UK/Aus) 11/1980
7": Columbia 11388 (US, sleeve is promo only) 1980
7": Columbia ZMS167806 (US, promo, no ps) 198?

Reached US #51, Aust #83.

Teacher Teacher JAPAN 7" A Teacher Teacher - Rockpile
B Now And Always - Rockpile
7": F-Beat WPP-1506X (Japan, ps) 1980

Heart SPAIN 7"
Spanish Sleeve
A Heart - Rockpile
B Take A Message To Mary - Lowe/Edmunds
7": Columbia 60503 (US, no ps) 3/1981
7": F-Beat (Spain) 1981

Kampuchea LP Concert For The People Of Kampuchea - various artists
Crawling From The Wreckage - Rockpile; Little Sister - Rockpile with Robert Plant
2xLP: Atlantic K60153 (UK) 3/1981
2xLP: Atlantic SD2-7005 (US) 1981
2xCD: Hammersmith Music CDP5595 (UK) 1996

Recorded live in London, December 1979.

scan wanted A Without Love - Johnny Cash with Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds
12": Columbia AS921 (US, one sided promo with etched signatures) 1980

scan wanted Three Minute Heroes: 20 of the Finest Punk & New Wave Singles - various artists
I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass

CD: Virgin VTCD9 (UK) 1992

scan wanted Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the 80's Volume 1 - various artists
Cruel to Be Kind

CD: Rhino Records R2 71694 (US) 1994

Poptopia CD200 Cigarettes CD Poptopia (Powe Pop Classics of the 70s) - various artists
200 Cigarettes - various artists s/track

These two compilations both contain the 1979 version of "Cruel To Be Kind".   More details to follow.

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