scan wanted A Cruel To Be Kind
B So It Goes
7": Columbia 33398 (US, no ps) 198?
7": Columbia ZSS166174 (US) 198? [Hall Of Fame reissue]

scan wanted An Interrogation Of Nick Lowe
"Featuring an interview with Martha Hume"

1 They Called It Rock*
Couldn't Love You (Anymore Than I Do)+
Let Me Kiss Ya+

2 Cruel To Be Kind (original version)
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding#
Marie Provost*
Stick It Where The Sun Don't Shine+
Too Many Teardrops+
Raining Raining+
So It Goes*

LP: Columbia AS1400 (US) 1982

* from "Pure Pop for Now People"
+ from "Nick The Knife
# from "New Favourites of Brisnley Schwartz"

16 All Time Lowes CD 16 All-Time Lowes
1 Born Fighter
Marie Provost
American Squirm
Skin Deep
When I Write The Book
Little Hitler
Cruel To Be Kind
Heart Of The City

2 Switchboard Susan
(I Love The Sound Of) Breaking Glass
Big Kick Plain Scrap
Cracking Up
Without Love
Nutted By Reality
So It Goes
They Called It Rock

LP: Demon FIEND20 (UK) 9/1984 (later issues on green vinyl)
CD: Demon FIENDCD20 (UK) 1985?
    [CD adds Basing St]

scan wanted Nick's Knack
1 Ragin' Eyes
Dose Of You
One's Too Many (And A Hundred Ain't Enough)
Now And Always
Endless Grey Ribbon
Wish You Were Here
Love So Fine

2 Mess Around With Love
My Heart Hurts
Basing Street
Raining Raining
Stick It Where The Sun Don't Shine
36 Inches High
Saint Beneath The Paint
Let Me Kiss Ya

LP: Demon FIEND59 (UK) 3/1986 (some copies on blue vinyl)
CD: Demon FIENDCD59 (UK) 1986

Basher CD Basher: The Best Of Nick Lowe
So It Goes
Heart Of The City
(I Love The Sound Of) Breaking Glass
Little Hitler
No Reason
36 Inches High
Marie Provost
American Squirm
Cracking Up
Big Kick, Plain Scrap
Born Fighter
Switch Board Susan
Without Love
Cruel To Be Kind
When I Write The Book
Raging Eyes
Time Wounds All Heels
Half A Boy & Half A Man
7 Nights To Rock
She Don't Love Nobody
The Rose Of England
I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock 'N' Roll)
Lovers Jamboree

2xLP: Demon FIEND142 (UK) 1989
CD: Demon FIENDCD142 (UK) 1989
CD: Columbia CK45313 (US) 20/9/1989

Insert from Boxed
nsert from "Boxed"
Jesus Of Cool
Cowboy Outfit
Rose Of England
Pinker and Prouder than Previous

4xCD: Demon NICK1 (UK) 1990

The Doings CD Anthology The Doings

CD 1: 1. So It Goes(Stiff Buy 1) 2. Heat Of The City(Stiff Buy 1) 3. Born A Woman(Stiff LAST 1) 4. Shake That Rat(Stiff LAST 1) 5. Marie Provost(Stiff LAST 1) 6. Endless Sleep(Stiff LAST 1) 7. I Knew The Bride (Live)(Live Stiffs) 8. Half Way To Paradise(Stiff Buy 21) 9. I Don't Want The Night To End(Stiff Buy 21) 10. I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass(Radar ADA 1) 11. Little Hitler (Radar ADA 12) 12. Cruel To Be Kind ('B' Side Of 'Little Hitler') 13. Tonight(Radar RAD 1) 14. No Reason(Radar RAD 1) 15. 36 Inches High (Radar RAD 1) 16. American Squirm(Radar ADA 26) 17. Cracking Up(Radar ADA 34) 18. Basing Street(Radar ADA 34) 19. Cruel To Be Kind(Radar ADA 43) 20. Born Fighter(Radar RAD 21) 21. Switchboard Susan(Radar RAD 21) 22. Without Love(Radar RAD 2 1) 23. Burning(F-Beat XXLP12) 24. Heart(F-Beat XXLP12) 25. My Heart Hurts(F-Beat XXLP12) 26. Raining Raining(F-Beat XXLP12)

CD 2: 1. Ragin'Eyes(F-BeatXXLP18) 2. Time Wounds All Heels(F-Beat XXLP18) 3. Half A Boy And Half A Man(Demon FCD 185) 4. Maureen(Demon FCD 185) 5. Awesome(Demon FCD 185) 6. Darlin' Angel Eyes(Demon FCD 73) 7. She Don't Love Nobody(Demon FCD 73) 8. 7 Nights To Rock(Demon FCD 73) 9. The Rose Of England(Demon FCD 73) 10. I Knew The Bride(Demon FCD 73) 11. Indoor Fireworks(Demon FCD 73) 12. Bo Bo Skediddle(Demon FCD 73) 13. (You're My) Wildest Dream(Demon FCD99) 14. Crying In My Sleep(Demon FCD99) 15. Lovers Jamboree(Demon FCD99) 16, Big Big Love(Demon FCD99) 17. What's Shakin' On The Hill(Demon FCD767) 18. All Men Are Liars(Demon FCD767) 19. Gai-Gin Man(Demon FCD767) 20. You Stabbed Me In The Front(Demon FCD767)

CD 3: (From Impossible Bird) 1. Soulful Wind 2. The Beast In Me 3. True Love Travels On A Gravel Road 4. Shelley My Love 5. Where's My Everything? 6. 12-Step Program (To Quit You Babe) 7. Lover Don't Go 8. I Live On A Battlefield 9. 14 Days 10. In The Middle Of It All (Single B side) 11. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love & Understanding (Single B side) (From Dig My Mood) 12. Faithless Lover 13. Lonesome Reverie 14. You Inspire Me 15. Time I Took A Holiday 16. Man That I've Become 17. Freezing 18. High On A Hilltop 19. Lead Me Not 20. I Must Be Getting Over You

'RARITIES' CD- 1. Crackin' Up (Live - 'B' Side Of 'My Heart Hurts') 2. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding (Live - 'B' Side of 'My Heart Hurts) 3. Baby It's You 4, Don't Think About Her (Pathway demo) 5. Rocky Road (Pathway demo) 6. Losin Boy (Solo home recording) 7. Love Is After Me (Solo home recording) 8. Lonely Just Like Me (Solo home recording) 9. 36 Inches High (From 'Live On The Battlefield' EP) 10. Without Love (Live - Japanese Tour EP) 11. Lover Don't Go (Live -Japanese Tour EP) 12. Dream Girl (Live - Japanese Tour EP) 13. I'm Coming Home (Live -Japanese Tour EP) 14. Raining (live - Japanese Tour 1994) 15. I'll Give You All Night To Stop (Unreleased studio cut with The Impossible Birds) 16. True Love Ways (With The Mavericks) (From You Inspire Me) 17. Soulful Wind (Live) 18. She Don't Love Nobody (Live) 19. Cruel To Be Kind (Live) 20. Half A Boy And Half A Man (Live)

At last!  The Nick Lowe Anthology we've all been waiting for.  Highlights from Nick's solo career on the first three CD's as well as a disc of rarities.  Released August 1999 by Demon Records.   More details to follow.

scan wanted The Collection

A companion release to the Boxed Set, this compilation CD has cuts from Nick's entire solo career

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