COWBOY OUTFIT aka Noise To Go/The Chaps
Paul Carrack - keys, vox; Bobby Irwin - drums, vox; Martin Belmont - gtr

Nick The Knife CD

American LP
US Sleeve

Nick The Knife
1 Burning
Stick It Where The Sun Don't Shine
Queen Of Sheba
My Heart Hurts
Couldn't Love You Any More Than I Do

2 Let Me Kiss Ya
Too Many Teardrops
Ba Doom
Raining Raining
One's Too Many (And A Hundred Ain't Enough)
Zulu Kiss

LP: F-Beat/WEA XXLP14 (UK/Aus) 2/1982
LP: Columbia FC37932 (US) 1982
LP: F-Beat FBK58439 (Germany) 1982
LP: WEA 58439 (Greece) 1982
LP: Columbia PC37932 (US) 198? [budget reissue]
LP: Demon FIEND183 (UK) 1990
CD: Demon FIENDCD183 (UK) 1990
CD: Columbia CK37932 (US) 198?

Backing by Noise To Go, plus James Eller (bass), Rockpile's Terry and Billy, Aldo Bocca (gtr), and... Neil King, Carlene Carter, Steve Nieve and Ben Barson all on Keyboards.  The original UK and Australian cover was black and white.
Reached UK #99, US #50.

Burning 7" A Burning
B Zulu Kiss
7": F-Beat/WEA XX20 (UK/Aus) 2/1982

My Heart Hurts 7" A My Heart Hurts
B Pet You And Hold You (live) - Noise To Go
7": F-Beat/WEA XX23 (UK) 4/1982

Also came as a double gatefold single with:
A Cracking Up (live) - Noise To Go
B (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love & Understanding (live) - Noise To Go
2x7": F-Beat/WEA XX23F(SAM147) (UK) 4/1982

scan wanted A My Heart Hurts
B Stick It Where The Sun Don't Shine
7": Columbia 38-02813 (US) 4/1982

The Abominable Showman LP The Abominable Showman
1 We Want Action
Ragin' Eyes
Cool Reaction
Time Wounds All Heals
Wish You Were Here

2 Paid The Price
For Every Woman Who Made A Fool Of A Man...
Chicken And Feathers
How Do You Talk To An Angel
Mess Around With Love
Saint Beneath The Paint

LP: F-Beat XXLP18 (UK/Aus) 6/1983
LP: Columbia FC38589 (US) 1983
LP: Columbia PC38589 (US) 1986 [budget reissue]
LP: Demon FIEND184 (UK) 1990
CD: Demon FIENDCD184 (UK) 1990

Produced by Roger Bechirian with Nick Lowe.  James Eller - bass. Carlene Carter, Simon Climie, Pete Marsh - backing vox.
Reached US #129.

Ragin Eyes 7" A Ragin' Eyes
B Tanque-Rae (only on 7")
Cool Reaction (normal and irregular versions) (only on 12")
7": F-Beat/WEA XX31 (UK/Aus) 4/1983
12": F-Beat/WEA XX31T (UK) 1983

scan wanted A Ragin' Eyes
B Ragin' Eyes
12": Columbia AS1626 (US) 1983 [promo]

scan wanted A Wish You Were Here
B How Do You Talk To An Angel
7": Columbia 38-03837 (US) 6/1983

Some copies were promos with the A side on both sides.

scan wanted A Half A Boy And Half A Man
B Awesome
Cruel To Be Kind (only on 12")
7": F-Beat/RCA XX34 (UK) 5/1984
7": Columbia 38-04486 (US) 1984
7": F-Beat/RCA 104286 (Aus) 1984
12": F-Beat/RCA XX34T (UK) 1984 [one sided single]
12": F-Beat/RCA TDS216 (Aus) 1984

Reached UK #53, Aust #66.

scan wanted A Half A Boy And Half A Man
B Half A Boy And Half A Man
12": Columbia AS1876 (US, ps?) 1984 [promo]

Cowboy Outfit LP S/titled - Nick Lowe And His Cowboy Outfit
1 Half A Boy And Half A Man
You'll Never Get Me Up (In One Of Those)
God's Gift To Women
The Gee And The Rick And The Three Card Trick

2 (Hey Big Mouth) Stand Up And Say That
Love Like A Glove
Live Fast Love Hard

L.A.F.S. (Love At First Sight)
LP: F-Beat/RCA ZL70338 (UK) 5/1984
LP: F-Beat/RCA VPL1-7478 (Aust) 1984
LP: Columbia FC39371 (US) 1984 [different track order]
LP: Columbia PC39371 (US) 1986 [budget reissue]
LP: Toshiba ZL70338 (Japan) 1984
LP: Demon FIEND185 (UK) 1989
CD: Demon FIENDCD185 (UK) 1989

Produced by Nick Lowe with Colin Fairley and Paul Bass.  Billy Bremner, guitar on Love Like A Glove and Breakaway.  Bobby Valentino, fiddle on God's Gift.
Reached US #113.

scan wanted A L.A.F.S. (Love At First Sight)
B (Hey Big Mouth) Stand Up And Say That
Baby It's You - Nick Lowe/Elvis Costello
(only on 12")
7": F-Beat XX36 (UK) 7/1984
12": F-Beat XX36T (UK) 7/1984

L.A.F.S. produced by Elvis Costello and Colin Fairley, features the TKO Horns.

scan wanted A The Only Flame In Town (special mix) - Elvis Costello
B Baby It's You - Nick Lowe/Elvis Costello
Pump It Up (1984 Monster Mix) - Elvis Costello

12": Columbia 44-05081 (US) 1984

Baby It's You also appears on "Out Of Our Idiot", the Costello collection of psuedonymous songs.

Rose Of England LP

American LP

The Rose Of England - Nick Lowe & his Cowboy Outfit
1 Darlin' Angel Eyes
She Don't Love Nobody
7 Nights To Rock
Long Walk Back
Rose Of England
Lucky Dog

2 I Knew The Bride
Indoor Fireworks
(Hope To God) I'm Right
I Can Be The One You Love
Bo Bo Skediddle

LP: F-Beat/RCA ZL70765 (UK/Germany) 8/1985
LP: F-Beat/RCA VPL1-7600 (Aust) 1985
LP: Columbia FC39958 (US) 1985
LP: Demon FIEND73 (UK) 1988
CD: Demon FIENDCD73 (UK) 1988

Produced by Nick Lowe and Colin Fairley. Andrew Bodnar, bass. Nick Pentelow, sax on Long Walk Back. Chris Thompson, banjo on Hope To God.
Reached Aust #100.

scan wanted A I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock 'N' Roll)
B Darlin' Angel Eyes
Seven Nights To Rock (Shakermaker Mix) *
7": F-Beat ZB40303 (UK) 7/1985
7": F-Beat/RCA 104458 (Aus, ps) 1985
12": F-Beat ZT40304 (UK) 1985
12": F-Beat/RCA TDS290 (Aus) 1985 *

A I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock 'N' Roll)
B Long Walk Back
7": Columbia 38-05570 (US) 1985

Produced by Huey Lewis. Backing by the News.
Reached US #77, Aust #26.

scan wanted A I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock 'N' Roll)
B I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock 'N' Roll)
12": Columbia CAS2171 (US, ps?) 1985 [promo]

scan wanted A 7 Nights To Rock
B Rose Of England
7": F-Beat/RCA 104567 (Aus, no ps) 1985

scan wanted A Lover's Jamboree
B Crying In My Sleep
7": Columbia 07734 (US, no ps) 1/1988

scan wanted A Lover's Jamboree
B Lover's Jamboree
12": Columbia CAS2923 (US, ps) 1988 [promo]

Pinker And Prouder LP Pinker and Prouder Than Previous
1 (You're My) Wildest Dream **
Crying In My Sleep
Big Hair
Love Gets Strange ^
I Got The Love ^^

2 Black Lincoln Continental #
Cry It Out
Lover's Jamboree *
Geisha Girl
Wishing Well ##
Big Big Love

LP: Demon FIEND99 (UK) 2/1988
LP: Columbia FC40381 (US) 1988
CD: Demon FIENDCD99 (UK) 2/1988

Produced by Lowe/Fairley except * by Dave Edmunds.
Nick - gtr; Martin - gtr; Bassman - bass; Paul - keys; Terry Williams - drums
* Geraint Watkins - piano; Mickey Gee - gtr; John David - bass; Terry - drums
** Nick - bass; Kim Wilson - harp; Jimmy Vaughan - gtr; Bobby Irwin - drums
^ Nick - bass; John Hiatt - gtr; Paul - keys; Terry - drums
^^ Nick - gtr, bass; Paul - keys; Bobby - drums
# Nick - bass; Martin - gtr; Paul - keys; Pete Thomas - drums
## Nick (gtr) with The Men They Couldn't Hang
Some copies were on Pink vinyl

BBC Transcription Discs: In Concert #337 LP, 1982
In Concert #381 LP, 1984
American Radio Only Discs: The Billboard Report (Interview) LP, 1981
BBC Rock Hour #210 (Interview) LP, 1982
BBC Rock Hour #337 LP, 1982
BBC Rock Hour #412 LP, 1982
Westwood One "In Concert" LP, 1982 US Tour
Westwood One "In Concert" LP, 1985 US Tour
Any further details on these releases (or copies!) would be appreciated.

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