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CD   $14.98
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Various Artists
Rig Rock Deluxe: A Musical Salute to the American Truck Driver

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Get ready to ride with 16 tracks by some of your favorite country and rock artists. Rig Rock Deluxe is a compilation of original compositions and new versions of truck driving classics -- unavailable anywhere else. Fill your tank with new takes of truck-driving classics ("Six Days on the Road," "Truck Driving Man") and brand new songs created for this compilation ("Diesel, Diesel, Diesel," "Will There Be Big Rigs in Heaven," "Mother Trucker"). Featured artists: Kay Adams & BR549, Bottle Rockets, Junior Brown & Red Simpson, Steve Earle, Bill Kirchen, Cheri Knight, Nick Lowe, Buck Owens, Del Reeves & Jim Lauderdale, Rig Rock Deluxe, Shaver, Son Volt, Marty Stuart, Don Walser, Kelly Willis, the Yayhoos. Available on CD and Cassette. A Diesel Only Production.

Executive Producers: Jeremy Tepper, Jake Guralnick
Producer: Jeremy Tepper, Diesel Only Records

"Even if the closest you've come to white line fever was a cab ride from Williamsburg to the Upper West Side, one listen to Rig Rock Deluxe and you'll be fighting off fantasies of bad coffee, bennies and the hum of rubber on a hot, endless ribbon of asphalt." --The Paper

[4 stars] ". . . the trucking music event of the decade." --New Country

"Even if a Greyhound Bus is your preferred conveyance on the interstate, you should be able to find something to tickle your musical wanderlust on Rig Rock Deluxe. Now, if you'll excuse us, we've got some long hauling to do." --Billboard

". . . a bang up collection of trucking anthems. A party on 18 wheels." --Details

". . . with Rig Rock Deluxe, I could easily use up my allotted space just listing the songs and participants, and that would be enough to make many fans click the 'Buy This CD Yesterday' icon, next day delivery, take the day off from work to wait for the package to arrive with their CD player humming at the ready." --Ed Hewitt, Music Wire

"With a line up of stellar artists that must make other compilations sigh with longing, Rig Rock Deluxe gathers some of the best tunes written about long hauls, freeways, diesel fumes and right-lane driving . . . a must listen." --Scope

[4 stars] "The album also serves as something of a landmark for the growing alternative-country movement, as a veritable who's who of alt-country and roots-rock artists from points east, west, north and south meets at the crossroads." --Rick Mitchell, Houston Chronicle

"Momma will let her babies grow up to be truck drivers after listening to this romp through the American heartland. Even for people who don't like country, the cheese factor and hilarious lyrics on songs like 'Mother Trucker' and 'Truck Driving Man' will make you want to go full speed ahead with this release." --U-Magazine

". . . a beyond-obvious choice for your next road trip. It's a rambling 18-wheeler of an album with a heavy load of songs about folks who spend most of their waking hours burning up the asphalt." --Focus

". . . one of the year's best albums. Almost all the tracks are top notch, but particular high points include Marty Stuart's wacky 'Miss Marie and the Bedford Blaze,' The Yayhoos' raucous 'Highway Junkie' (with Georgia Satellite Dan Baird on vocals), and Don Walser's yodeling workout on 'Truck Driving Man.' Most valuable player award goes to Bill Kirchen, whose twangy guitar spice up Walser's track and Nick Lowe's 'I'm Coming Home,' along with his own 'Semi-Truck' . . . also spotlights a few originators of the truck-driving canon, including Red Simpson, who trades basso profundo vocals with Junior Brown on 'Nitro Express,' Del Reeves and Kay Adams. Needless to say, this is a great driving album. Pop the tape into your car stereo, roll down the windows and pretend you're behind the wheel of a semi rolling down the highway. All that's missing is the greasy truckstop food." --Jim Catalano, Ithaca Journal, NY

"Anyone who smirked at alternative country thinking it was just a passing fad should listen to . . . Rig Rock Deluxe. The album pays homage to the lost art of truck-driving music with one of the strongest Americana line-ups ever assembled. All the big names are accounted for: Son Volt, Steve Earl, Kelly Willis, Don Walser and topped off by Rig Rock Deluxe Super group featuring Rose Flores, Wayne Hancock, John Langford and Dale Watson." --Pulp, Seattle WA

"Country music as it should be, rocking and funky." -- Mary Armstrong, Philadelphia City Paper

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Produced by Jeremy Tepper, Diesel Only Records
Year Released: 1996
Artist Index: Various Artists
Genre Categories: Rock / Pop / Alternative
Bluegrass / Old Timey / Country