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Greasy Truckers Party

UDX 203/4

track listing:

Spunk Rock Man
Angel Easy Man
Speech Only Andy Dunkley
Power Cut Andy Dunkley
Wonder Woman (live)
(Toussaint) 4:20
Brinsley Schwarz
It's Just My Way Of Saying Thank You (live)
(Lowe) 6:21
Brinsley Schwarz
I'm Ahead If I Can Quit While I'm Behind (live)
(Ford) 4:11
Brinsley Schwarz
Midnight Train (live)
(Trad. arr. group) 4:16
Brinsley Schwarz
Surrender To The Rhythm (live)
(Lowe) 3:54
Brinsley Schwarz
Music Belongs To The People Magic Michael
Master Of The Universe Hawkwind
Natural Break Hawkwind
Born To Go Hawkwind

recorded live at the Roundhouse, 13 Feb 1972

engineered by Vic Maile